Ecosystem Analyst will release a CPQ for Salesforce App Comparison this September

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) systems have become an integral part of the CRM process for many sales professionals. In fact, a recent survey showed that more than 80% of sales professionals depend on CPQ apps, but more than 50% of those apps are falling short of business needs. As the nationwide leader in CRM, Salesforce has been particularly impacted by the demand for high-quality CPQ functionality.

To meet this demand, software developers have released a plethora of new CPQ apps for Salesforce in recent years, offering customers a wide range of features and price points. While choice is a good thing – it has also added to the workload of Salesforce administrators, who must now spend time researching and demoing CPQ apps to find the right CPQ solution for their business needs and budgets.

Meet Ecosystem Analyst

This is where we come in. At Ecosystem Analyst, we conduct unbiased research and share it within easy-to-use tools that help our customers find the right Salesforce apps at the right price. To streamline the CPQ app selection process, we are launching our new CPQ for Salesforce app comparison on September 1. Our comprehensive product features:

The Power is in the Details

Our analysts have extensive system implementation experience – so our app comparisons delve beyond the surface to examine the details that can make or break your sales success. Salesforce for CPQ features a comprehensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses of 150+ considerations within the following categories:

  • Quoting functionality, including quote creation, adding and configuring products, discounting and markups, quoted price optimization, quote organization and presentation, and quote export and delivery
  • Capabilities beyond CPQ, including sales cycle capabilities, enterprise resource planning functionality, and accounting
  • Managing products, pricing, and business rules, including product and pricing management, incentive support, and business rules
  • Technology and administration, including capabilities, administration and customization, and infrastructure technology
  • Licensing and ownership, including licensing, terms and conditions, and ownership experience
  • Implementation and training, including implementation resources and documentation and training

The Power of Facts

What’s more, our CPQ app comparisons are 100% unbiased and give you the power to make fact-based decisions. Read more about our commitment to remaining an un-biased source of app research and analysis.

Interested in Learning More?

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